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Shelton Livingston is a midwife licensed by the California Medical Board and Certified by the North American Registry of Midwives since 2018.  She has been working with families in childbirth for over 20 years.  Shelton provides comprehensive primary midwifery care for home birth in the Greater Sacramento area. She maintains current certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR/BLS.  She also has certifications in childbirth education, breastfeeding counseling, massage therapy, hypno-birthing and placenta encapsulation as well as extensive training and knowledge in the use of herbs and alternative treatments.  She lives with her husband and son in Roseville, CA. 

My journey into midwifery started in 1998. When I was 16, I was invited to support my mom's best friend at her home birth. When I saw how well she and her baby were treated, I knew this was my work. I had attended the birth of my brother in the hospital and the difference in every aspect of the care was mind-blowing. I started getting invited to births by friends, family, midwives and even families I nannied for. I had my first son at 19, since I had already attended many births (home and hospital) and I knew exactly what I wanted. I started working professionally as a midwife assistant and a birth attendant/doula, when my son was 2.  My second son was born in my husbands childhood home in 2014 surrounded by many close family and friends.  I finished midwifery school in 2017 and have been providing primary midwifery care since.

Informed choice is central to midwifery care.  It is your body, your birth, your baby.  My job is to provide you with all the information you need to make confident decisions for your family. Parents are at the center of the birth team, informed, empowered, supported and centered in every moment.  It is truly a blessing to be a midwife.

- Shelton Livingston LM, CPM

Baby's foot

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.”
—Maya Angelou

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