"Midwifery is a balancing act between art, science and care.”

Marie Batley

Personalized, evidence-based care you can count on.

Rising Tide Birth Services provides California's Bay Area communities with home birth midwifery care, monitrice or doula support, lactation counseling and placenta encapsulation. If you are looking for the Bay Area's best midwives or doulas, you've come to the right place! 

Our Core Values

  • Individualized woman-centered care

  • Safety and holistic wellbeing

  • Trust in the body and natures design for birth 

  • hands off unless needed/ minimal intervention

  • Evidence-informed choice and client-centered decision making

  • Preserving by practicing the time-tested art of midwifery and natural childbirth

  • The birth experience should be empowering and build tools parents will use throughout parenting and life.

Our Community

Communities we serve include, but aren't limited to: San Rafael, Novato, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Mill Valley, Sausalito, San Francisco, East Bay, North Bay, Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa, Occidental, Bodega Bay, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Greenbrae and surrounding areas.  We have traveled as far as Silicon Valley and Nevada City for births. 

Our Services

 Women should always be at the center of their birth experience, educated and empowered. Thats why we practice and believe in The Midwives Model of Care. We not only provide midwifery, doula, and postpartum support, but we also work to connect you with a local network of care professionals to ensure that you receive all the care you need.  Explore our services pages and/or call us to learn more about the amazing benefits of midwifery and doula care.


Our Story

I wish every woman would know how capable they are and how intelligent their bodies and babies are. We are designed for reproduction. 


When I was 16, I was invited to support my mom's best friend throughout her labor. When I saw the way she and her baby were treated, I knew this was my work. Several friends, family and my babysitting clients started asking me to attend their births. When I got pregnant at 19, I had already attended many births (home and hospital) and I knew exactly what I wanted. I had a lovely home birth with a midwife I adored. I took a couple of years to be with my baby as I studied for my doula certificate.  I Started working professionally as a Certified Doula in 2002. In 2003/4 I took midwifery assistant training with a local midwife in Carmel Valley. I went to traditional college at UCSC to earn my BA in Community Studies with an emphasis in Women's Health/Feminist Issues.   In 2009 I officially enrolled in midwifery school and now I am CA Licensed Midwife #537!

I would love to see all women access to the kind of care that is right for them. Women should be at the center of their birth team, empowered, supported and in charge. All the people in the birth room are working for the mom and baby, Mothers should always know this.  It is a privilege to be in somebody's birthing space.  You are a part of their story. I love to see women keeping their birthing power and using it to their own benefit, educating themselves, making confident decisions about their health care and asking for help when they need it.  Its amazing to see mama's grow in this way.  You know this kind of training will extend into motherhood.  My favorite moments are witnessing a Mothers reach down to collect their baby's and bring them up to meet face to face. 

- Shelton Livingston LM, CPM, Doula